Angelina Jolie soon to pop

Angelina Jolie is about to pop out a set of twins. She was admitted into a hospital in the south of France today. Nadine Bauer, spokeswoman for the Lenval Hospital in Nice says Angelina is doing well and everything is fine.

Bauer said Jolie, who is pregnant by actor Brad Pitt, would almost certainly stay in hospital until she gives birth.

Ms Bauer added that Jolie, 32, was not expected to give birth immediately.

She said the star’s admittance to the maternity wing had been planned for some time and there was “no urgency”, but refused to disclose when Jolie had checked in.

This looks like the real deal people but then again Jolie’s vagina might be playing tricks again. So stay tuned for the big announcement. I’m not going to be the next Entertainment Tonight (ET) who jumped the gun and reported the birth of imaginary twins, no I’m not going to be like those amateurs.

Posted on July 1st, 2008 by George
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