Heidi Montag sings

Heidi Montag is another Paris Hilton in the making. No musical talent Heidi has followed in the footstep of Paris with her very own album. Here is her new single called Fashion to show you just how much talent she has. When I say talent I mean courage to make a single when you know you damn well can’t sing. Yea this might be the reason why she started her own label to distribute her album. People says:

“Heidi has started her own record label with Super Producer RedONE,” a source tells PEOPLE. “RedOne will write and produce with Heidi an entire album of 13 songs.”

Yea you probably didn’t even listen to the whole song because it was worst than getting your tooth pulled out without any Novocain. I’ll rather have my teeth pulled out without any Novocain than to listen to that single again.

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Heidi & Spencer armed and dangerous

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are apparently nuts for ammo and anything that shoots. The two reportedly plucked down an amazing to protect themselves from their enemies. They didn’t just buy guns they bought the exact weapons the U.S. Delta Force uses.

The couple visited the Martin B. Retting store in Culver City, Calif., on June 7 and spent more than $10,000 on guns to arm themselves. They purchased two Benelli semiautomatic M4 tactical shotguns, two Wilson close 二元期权平台 quarter combat .45-caliber pistols and one Scout semiautomatic rifle. “They wanted the exact guns that the U.S. Delta Force uses,” a friend explains. Spencer wants to be prepared for anything,” says the friend.

Quick someone send these two to Iraq to fight.

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