Amy Winehouse has emphysema

Amy Winehouse, who is only 24 is suffering from early stage of emphysema. Amy’s father Mitch Winehouse tells the Sunday Mirror:

To think this could be my beautiful 24-year-old daughter’s life is preposterous. But if drugs mean more to her than breathing properly, then so be it. But the doctors have told her if she goes back to smoking drugs it won’t just ruin her voice, it will kill her. It’s been a tough week.

She’s got emphysema. It’s in its early stages, but had it gone on for another month they painted a very vivid picture of her sitting there like an old person with a mask on her face struggling to breathe. With smoking the crack cocaine and the cigarettes her lungs are all gunked up. There are nodules around the chest and dark marks. She’s got 70 per cent lung capacity.

Mitch added, Amy is “responding brilliantly to treatment.” Mitch also wants the drug dealers who supplied the drugs to Amy to take responsibility and doesn’t want her to hang out with poster child for drug use, Pete Doherty.

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Tatum O’Neal buys cocaine

Tatum O’Neal, 44-year-old Oscar winning actress, was busted for buying two bags of cocaine from suspected drug dealer Alan Garcia. The bust took place, a 搬瓦工 few blocks away from her luxury apartment, on Clinton Street between East Broadway and Grand Street. She even tried to by saying she was just doing research.

“When the police approached, she asked them, ‘You know who I am, right?’ ” one source told The Post.
“Then she said, ‘I’m researching a part – I’m doing this for a part’ ” as a junkie.
The source said detectives found a pipe on O’Neal, daughter of actor Ryan O’Neal. The pipe and screen were clean.
“Then she said she’d been clean for two years, and that she’d just came out today,” the source said.
“Can’t we just forget about this?” the sources said she begged detectives.

Lying to the is not the best way of getting out of being arrested. What’s worst is trying to pull the, “you know who I am” card. Doesn’t she know only the likes of Britney Spears or Paris Hilton can pull that off.

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