Alex Rodriguez and wife separated

Alex Rodriquez’s wife Cynthia Rodriguez are officially separated. After reports of A-Rod shagging up with aging Madonna this past few days you knew this was coming. This separation comes a day after reports of Cynthia running to the arms of Lenny Kravitz in Paris. Kravitz denies slipping his rod into A-Rod’s soon to be ex-wife.

“There is absolutely no affair between Cynthia Rodriguez and myself,” Kravitz said. “This is unequivocally 100 percent not true.”

Kravitz said references to him as an adulterer were “extremely hurtful,” adding that Cynthia came to stay at his home “to escape from everything happening in New York City.”

So this is what celebrities do, they sleep around with other celebrities. Strangely enough A-Rod, Lenny and Madonna all have the same manager Guy Oseary. This makes you want to think which other celebrities represented by Guy are also sleeping together.

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner to end marriage

According to Ted Casablanca at E!, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are heading towards divorce. With the couple not being seen together these days this might just be true. Affleck rep responded with the typical response from a rep:

We usually don’t comment on stuff like this. But you should know sources are liars. If you guys want to do the right thing, you won’t post that item. It’s all BS.

Teddy claim this is true because his source is the same one who spilled the beans on her leaving Michael Vartan for Ben. With a meddling in-law your marriage is doom before it even started.

Update: So Garner’s rep is telling Us magazine that the whole Ted Casablanca story is 100% Fabricated, “There is not one ounce of truth to it.” This is like the time when ET say Angelina Jolie gave birth but People magazine say no way. So it looks like Teddy may have been bamboozle.

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Madonna divorcing?

Madonna’s marriage to Guy Richie might be coming to an end. Holy Moly! is reporting that Madonna has hired high powered divorce attorney, Nicholas Mostyn QC, who also represented Paul McCartney. Sadly Madonna might not have a pre-nuptial, meaning Guy is going to win the lottery with this divorce.

Long standing rumours of a rift between the couple are finally confirmed with this news, as Holy Moly’s sources suggest nothing more than “growing apart” as the reason for the split. They have spent increasing amounts of time apart with both Madonna’s new album and tour and Guy’s revived movie career are cited as reasons. The adoption of David Banda attracted a huge wave of negative publicity, allegedly putting further strain on the relationship. The couple have one other son, Rocco, and Lourdes, Madonna’s daughter from a relationship with her fitness instructor Carlos Leon.

Madge’s meeting with Nicholas Mostyn took place at his London office just over ten days ago.

Tell me this ain’t so, these two seem like a happy couple, but I guess everything must come to an end.

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Bill Murray wife beater

After more than 10 years of marriage, Bill Murray’s wife, Jennifer Butler Murray, is . Jennifer is accusing Bill of drug addiction, abandonment, adultery and beating her. She wants the court to bar Bill buy phentermine from her Sullivan’s Island home and to also look into her prenuptial agreement to see if it’s still valid. If the judge says the prenup stands then Bill would only have to pay Jennifer $7 million.

According to the complaint, Jennifer Murray moved into a Sullivan’s Island home in 2006 with the couple’s four children due to her husband’s “adultery, addiction to marijuana and alcohol, abusive behavior, physical abuse, sexual addictions and frequent abandonment.”

Jennifer Murray purchased the Sullivan’s Island beach house in 2006 for $3.65 million, according to county property records.

Bill’s lawyer :

Bill Murray is deeply saddened by the dissolution of his marriage to Jennifer. Mr. and Mrs. Murray remain loving parents, committed to the best interests of their children. Mr. Murray asks that the public respect his family’s privacy at this difficult time.

You would think the statement would also include word like, “These allegation of abuse by my client are untrue,” something like that.

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