Clay Aiken’s going to be a father

Clay Aiken the American Idol who has been speculated to be a closet homosexual has impregnated his best friend and record producer Jaymes Foster. reports:

Multiple sources tell us the mother is Jaymes Foster, a record producer and Clay’s best friend. He lives at her home when he’s in L.A.

We’re told 50-year-old Foster, who produced several Aiken CDs, is due in August. She’s the sister of record mogul David Foster. She divorced a few years back and has no kids. Aiken is 29.

We’re told Foster was artificially inseminated. But Clay is a lot more than sperm — we’re told he will have an active role in raising the child.

Who in their right mind would want to take all the responsibility of being a father without the fun of being a father, I mean having real hot bluehost passionate intercourse not the cold dull artificial insemination. What can I tell you Clay this doesn’t help squash those pesky rumors of you being gay.

Posted on May 29th, 2008 by George
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