Nick Hogan Cries in Jail

Nick Hogan cries in jail
Surprise surprise Nick Hogan doesn’t like jail. ABC news has the phone conversation between Nick and his mommy. You would think Nick would be calling and tell mommy he has learned a valuable lesson, but no that’s not the case. During their phone conservation Nick complains about how his jail cell is the size of his bathroom back at home and that there isn’t a window. Nick must have forgot he’s in jail and not the Four Seasons.

As one of two minors in this adult prison, Nick is locked up in a private cell, and he’s allow to use the phone as much as he likes during his free time as long as the other party accepts the charges.

Nick even talks about breaking the world record for sleeping because he is so bored and has nothing to do. I bet Nick doesn’t remember the guy that he almost killed, but is now in a vegetative state. Doesn’t look like Nick will be coming out of jail as a better person, and who can blame him when you have daddy Hogan blaming the victim and saying that is why “God laid some heavy sh*t on that kid.”

Posted on May 24th, 2008 by George
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