Kim Kardashian comments on her butt

about Kim Kardashian’s butt must have struck a nerve with her, because she posted a response on about her butt being real.

OMG! When will people get off my a–, literally! Haha. I have said it a million times before 外汇交易平台 and I’ll say it again: My booty is as real as the designer items I’m auctioning off on eBay.

The reason I bring this up is because those jokesters at the Superficial claimed that I wear foam panties. NOT TRUE! (And I don’t stuff ’em with Charmin either).

I think my photo shoots clearly prove I don’t wear butt pads!

To all you non-believers at the Superficial, kiss my REAL and GORGEOUS a–!



P.S. I told omg! on Yahoo! to break this story on their site. Check it out here!

Besides stating that her ass is as real as cottage cheese designer items, Kim also took the chance to advertise her upcoming eBay auction for her used items in her closet.

Posted on May 29th, 2008 by George
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